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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

my ryzen 5 2600x bad for overcloking ?

hello, I bought a ryzen 5 2600x (instead of my old ryzen 5 1500x oc 3.9ghz) as motherboard I have a msi b350m gaming pro trying my new CPU in the bios I wanted to activate gameboost the problem is that after a few minutes my system crash I do not know why ... I saw the voltage applied gameboost so it adds + 450mhz on the original frequency and a voltage of 1.298v. I assume that the voltage is not high enough or is it a bad bios ... (my bios for info (7A39v2G).) I did research on the internet to find out how much voltage it took to have 4.1ghz stable and it would be ~ 1.250v so I tried with 1.250v but unfortunately it was not stable my pc did not not wanted to boot ... so I tried with 1.4v in the bios but still not stable ...  I do not know why but in the bios I can not adjust above 1.4v I tried with 1.425 but impossible to put this voltage in the bios it sticks to 1.4v ... so I tried with ryzen master (software) of amd I put 1.425v for 4.1ghz but there it crashed imediately sometime once i applied it ... while cpuz and ryzen master tells me that cores can run at 4.1ghz with 1.425-1.416 ... wtf? I would like to know if it is not my bios which is rotten or it is my processor which is bad compared to the others: /? or is it my motherboard that is not good enough for him? AMD I think to say that all his CPU can be oc at least up to 4.2ghz with 1.45v ... if anyone could help me please. PS: at stake my cpu is between 38 and 39ghz but never at 4ghz like the others in their benchmark gaming videos.

i have noticed in auto ( XFR2 and prcision boost) the cpu can reach 4.150mhz with 1.444v and 4.125 with 1.431v all of the time. so i think VRM'S of my mother board are not egnouth strong to maintain my cpu at 4.1 with 1.425-1.43125v.

sorry for my bad english.

thank you

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