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Journeyman III

my ryzen 3600 is overheating

My Ryzen 3600 idle temp is 45-60 but while cinebench stress test temps r getting very high 80-92.Bios ,chipset drivers,windows already updated still giving same results.Need help!!!

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Adept I

I had the same problem what I did was to edit the power plan and set the maximum processor state and minimum performance state to 99%. Now the temps are under control mid 40s at idle and while playing games like FIFA and CSGO the temps dont cross 60. Whereas using handbrake max temps are 65.

Of course for the downside of setting max to 99%, the cpu is now clocked at 3.48Ghz and wont boost to 4.2Ghz but the temps are much better. 

You can use this fix till you cant go for proper after market cooler. Probably Cooler Master Hyper 212 which is around 29$ or if you can go for a better one then Noctua NH-D15 is much better. I think so as the cooler with Ryzen 3600 is good when the clock is around 3.6 Ghz but with PBO enabled it clocks around 4.0Ghz so the cooler then becomes insufficient 

Journeyman III

Dê uma olhada se na BIOS da sua placa mãe não está habilitada a opção de boost da CPU.

Tenho uma B450 Carbon AC da MSI e na nova BIOS essa opção estava ativada.


when i am disabling the cpu boost temperature is under control but cpu frequency is stuck at 3.6ghz under load


O mesmo acontece comigo, a frequencia não sai dos 3.58ghz a 3.6ghz.

Já mexi na BIOS e no plano de energia do Windows mas não houve melhora.

Não me importo com aquecimento pois tenho Water Cooler mas me importo é com o consumo de energia.

Com o Water Cooler em 3.6ghz fica em 32°C/89,6°F e em 4.1ghz fica em 39°C/102,2°F.


is this a bios problem???