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Journeyman III

My rx 580 8gb reaching at 80 - 90°C when i play COD MW (ULTRA), this is normal?

Now, i opened my pc (he has someone glass) and put one fan to force the air being cold

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Looks like you need to Improve the airflow inside your case, consider adding additional intake and exhaust fans if possible.

For now, what you could do (aside from adding more fans) is create a more aggresive fan curve for your 580 inside Radeon Settings-> Global Wattman, make it so that the fans ramps up to 100% sooner before it even reaches temps of 80c+.

I trying this curve, and i will buy 3 fans in the future ty, i needed know if this temperature was "normal"



musashi, an absolutely necessary step in solving this problem is to determine the maximum temperature set by the manufacturer.  In my experience, video cards often have higher limits than CPUs - some past 100C.  It is always amazing to me that users are trying to lower their temperatures when they do not know what the limit is.  Enjoy, John.


If the image that you posted is the fan curve that your currently using then you definitely need to change it. You need to set the fans to 100% at somewhere around 70 or 80c cause on the image you posted its set to ramp up to 100% at 90c which is even worse than the default settings on my RX580 8GB Sapphire Nitro+ which has it set to run at 100% when over 80-85c.

The Ideal Max temp for the 580 is around 80c and even thats considered by most to be a bit toasty for that card and at around 95c+ that cards gonna start throttling down clocks a bit to protect itself.