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Adept II
Adept II

My PC is have issues with stuttering in game ever since I got it and after trying almost every solution, none worked...

I used to have a constant frame rate drop throughout most of my games, and it's not an issue of having low FPS, because I had an i5-3570k, and a r9270x and now I have a ryzen 1400 with a gtx 1060, built inside a new computer with all brand new parts, from the case to the SSD, but the same problem is still there. I don't know, if I have a best case of having bad luck but the issue is killing me. I've spend weeks on forums trying almost every suggestion from completely reinstalling my OS, to tweaking around regedit to scanning to installing third party software to detect errors and they all, did nothing. If anyone is willing to help me and find the solution to my problems, I'm willing to sacrifice a goat on an altar that each and every one of you may get a big tidy goth GF. P.S. Even thinking it was my electricity to blame I tried different extension cables and they all yield the same results.
Like what I've been noticing in games, For example, Mount and Blade stutters a lot, Metro 2033, Metro last light, but for some reason when I disabled SSAO I got minimal stuttering plus a massive boost in FPS, I've tried playing spec ops the line but I get stuttering here and there while in combat, and a good deal when the game autosaved, sometimes I notice my PC cursor stuttering, like once or twice and I got it recently. OW tends to dip sometimes out of the blue, not even in fights or anything the FPS is regular and good, but it does it when it feels like it, and the screen like stutters a bit. I've been playing OW, on the highest settings, everything on high and I get a maximum of one FPS drop in the most extreme firefight. But like, at the most random moment, in the spawn for example it drops from 70 (limit), to 63/2 for no reason. The hardest fights with the ults going off left and right get me a 69 FPS while at random moments it just drops to 63/2, and the effect is present in most games, but in different ways. It like, makes the screen freeze for half a second and go back to the normal FPS, always at random points, nor is the PC stressed. RO2, same issue, 60 constant FPS, then bam, at a random moment it hits me with a 54-5 FPS, then goes back up to 60. Even the temps don't go above 65C.

P.S. And one of my friends thinks it's the CPU since the cores aren't sharing their usage properly and somehow core two does most of the work.

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