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My monitor goes black when I install the drivers for Ryzen 5 2400g Help!

So I've been playing games like mostly Fortnite which isn't too taxing on a GPU on my ryzen 5 2400g and I've been noticing a lot of problems occurring every now and then such as the screen just went green in the middle of a match, the screen went green whenever I tried to play videos that were on my computer, but all videos on the internet were fine. Then one day the whole screen just went black and all I could do was talk to Cortana which told me it had to be graphics related. So I did a clean install of windows, and everything was just fine until I installed the drivers for my CPU, then the screen did some weird stuff and goes all black. I've done that several times since, but I can't play games or render anything unless I have the drivers installed so my computer is virtually useless right now. Please help!

Thanks, Ben.

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