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Adept I

My gaming system wont let me play games

So I upgraded my system to a EVEA 750W-PSU RX580-8gb, ryzen 5-2400G and a320m-h with 8gb of RAM, but all my games crash with the same issue(graphics driver is not responding). Nothing works! I changed drivers(old and very old) even downgraded to windows 8.1 but no change. Someone HELP ME!

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Adept I

Update on the issue: I have swapped my RX580 with my old AMD R7 240(2gb) and the issue is still there, *(But now it allows me to play up to 1h at a time)*. I suppose it is something with the CPU, RAM and/or motherboard, but i don't have the needed parts to swap and see witch is it. 
I am still begging for help...


I see you have a Ryzen APU (CPU with Intergrated Graphics). Is your RAM MEMORY listed on your Motherboard's Support QVL list for Ryzen 2xxx G APUs?

Might be Ram not totally compatible with your Ryzen APU or you need to configure your BIOS.  Try updating your Motherboard's BIOS and AMD Chip set to the latest version and see if it makes any difference from your motherboard's Support download site.

Here is the latest Ryzen 5 with Vega graphics AMD Driver from AMD Download page: AMD Ryzen™ 5 2400G Drivers & Support | AMD 

I have tried all the driver & @BIOS options already and it was a fail, however my RAM is not in QVL and I have ordered a new one that matches the list. As soon as it arrives(expected in 3days) I will give an update on the situation. Thanks for the advice mate.


Other Users are having many issues with your particular APU also, the 2400G.

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It may not be your RAM but it is always best to install Ryzen CPU s with the Motherboard's RAM QVL List. This way you can eliminate incompatibilities between Ryzen and RAM Memory.

See which one of the above AMD Forum threads is closest to your problem and join the thread and maybe even link your thread.

So my new memory arrived and I did some test to give the forum some info.

I did about 20h of gaming with the new memory and nothing happened. I plugged the old one with the new one just for the test and 30sec later the graphics driver crashed. 
As a conclusion:
-Use only parts from the QVL
-TeamGroup TED48G2400C16BK is not good for this set up...

 Again THANK YOU elstaci. The problem is solved!

Glad it fixed your problem.

Maybe you might want to mention it on those other links in my previous Post about the symptoms RAM incompatibility causes using that APU.  Some of those Users with the same APU may have the same or similar issues due to RAM not being compatible with the Ryzen APU.

Your post does verify that it is best to use the Motherboard's QVL List to install the best compatible hardware to eliminate incompatible issues.

Good observation, I forgot which Forum it was posted at. Thanks.

My bad. I moved it in processor.