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Adept I

My CPU ryzen 7 2700x low benchmark score problems

The first one was 1646 and the second one was 1104, I do not know what happened. I'm worried about my CPU. Thank you

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You are using DDR4-2666, of course you aren't going to score as well as people using DDR4-3200 due to the way Infinity Fabric works, running at the speed of your RAM. Yours is normal given your specs.

How sad. I did not know!

Thank you very much.

Big Boss

fregoso, what changed between the two tests?  If you moved from W10 to W8, that will certainly explain it.  Please post your system specifications including power supply, OS and UEFI versions and the other HW.  I suspect it is long past time for switching from W8 to W10.  W8 does not have a task scheduler for Ryzen.  Please post your images using the function built into Reply.  Click the image icon at the top.  Enjoy, John.

My first test was 1646 and it went well. Now I'm going to put second test was 1104, I do not know what happened, I go down a lot. Help me.
power supply: Cooler Master 80 plus bronze.

CPU Cooler: Wraith Prism cooler
Windows 10




fregoso, please post the Ryzen Master (RM) screenshot when your test is running.  It is the reference for AMD.  Please post your specifications including your UEFI version, W10 version (mine is 1803.17134.285, use winver in command prompt), power supply Wattage, Memory part number .  Please do a Clear CMOS and run again.  MB model.  Make sure PBO is Enabled.  Are you OCing?  Why are you worried about your CPU? Thanks and enjoy, John.


MEM DDR4 8GB 2666MHZ AX4U266638G16-SRG

MEM DDR4 8GB 2666MHZ AX4U266638G16-SRG

COOLER MASTER 600W MWE 600 80 Plus Bronze MPX-6001-ACAAB-US


I do not have UEFI And I do not know how to erase CMOS. Well always 3.7 GHZ with wraith prism. I am very concerned about the fact that I have lost my computer or something like that because it is going away with cinebench scores.



fregoso, don't have a real answer yet and need to get moving.  I have seen nothing so far, that seems to be worrisome, so please try to relax.  I do not have a Ryzen II yet.  Your RM says PBO is Manual.  Can you set this to Automatic and run again?  Is your memory on the MSI Qualified List for your board (MSI's lists are difficult!)?  What slots are the memory sticks plugged into?  Does W10 see all 16 GB of memory?  Is your memory a Dual Channel kit?  If I built your system, I would use a 750 Watt power supply, but I do not think that is a problem in your case.  It may be if you do heavy computing or add HW later.  Thanks and enjoy, John. 


When absolutely an 8gb ram memory and I put back again.

What I do? which one am I going to activate? F1 or f2?



F2, fregoso.  Enjoy, John.