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Journeyman III

my build is crashing on battlefield 5 only please read

i had an asus a320m-k motherboard

ryzen 7 2700x stock

2x8 vengance rgb c16 @3000mhz 1.35v

gtx 1070 ti strix stock

kraken x52 

psu evga 600watt 80+ white

ssd 240 kingston a400

1tb toshiba idk

well ive been playing bf5 since launch and no problem whatsoever, but i upgraded to an asrock x470 gaming fatality k4 

and my game starts crashing, it just reboots my pc. 

then i switch the mobo with a b450 strix and the same problem persists.

but nothing happen while i play with the a320

nothing is overclocked but the ram

i dont know what to do and why is happening the restarts. please help me

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It is possible your Ram Memory is compatible with the A320M-K motherboard but not the X470 or B450 motherboards.

You need to go the specific Motherboard Support and see if your present RAM Memory is listed in the X470 or B450 Motherboard's QVL List.

If it is not listed, you have a 50/50 chance your current RAM Memory is compatible since the list doesn't include incompatible RAM Memory or RAM Memory that hasn't been tested by the motherboard's manufacturer.


leobaron, please do a Clear CMOS following your User Manual instructions and post a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM) - simply drag-n-drop the image into your reply.  Please look in the minidump folder in the Windows folder and if it is not empty, compress it and attach it here.  Thanks and enjoy, John.

Journeyman III

Battlefield 3(or 2 or 4, I forget which)would crash soon after the game started and that was due to either riva tuner or maybe my MSI gaming app. I can't remember which 'gaming' app it was but after I uninstalled it that game worked fine. Hope this helps.