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Adept I

[MX-5 paste] - Ryzen 5900X - Very good temps achieved with a very small amount

I recently built an 5900X system and was wondering:

  1. How much thermal paste to apply
  2. How to physically apply it (rice-sized method, multiple dot method, pre-spread it out etc)

I linked a video below which concluded that #2 really didn't matter.  I ended up doing what I have always done: the grain of rice-sized amount right in the middle of the die.  This lead to respectable temps under a sustained load of 72C.  Just wanted to share with the community.  Attached pic is before I set the HSF.

  • MB: MSI B550 Unify
  • Cooling: Noctua DH-D15 (both fans running with this curve in the BIOS: 20% power @ 45C; 50% power @ 55C; 80% power @ 65C; 100% power @ 75C).
  • Case: Fractal Design Meshify 2
  • CPU: 5900X running with PBO2 enabled (-15 offset for all cores, no boost, no scaler).  PPT=500; TDC=245; EDC=160

Link to video:


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