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Adept II

MSI x370 Titanium not posting after installing 5800x

Well folks I'm stumped. I knew it was a long shot getting a 5800x to run on my MSI x370 Titanium motherboard, but I'll try a hail Mary shot, and see if any of you have a suggestion before just buying a B550 board.
Pc turns on and goes straight to the bios. MB displays code Ab. CPU seems to be working fine, and is detected by bios.
I have tried the following:
Flashed bios to latest version - E7a31ams.104
Reset CMOS
Checked that Date and time is correct in bios
unplugged all USB devices except KB and mouse
Only have 1 stick of ram installed
Only have my M.2 installed

Thanks for any help!

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From what I have read about MSI Mobo Trouble Code "AB" just means you are in BIOS Setup.

Did you have a previous older AMD processor in your MSI Power Gaming Titanium Mobo?

If so did you check with MSI Support QVL List for RAM to see if it is compatible with the new 5800X Processor?

You can also check at AMD RAM List for the 3000-5000 Series processors from here:

Sounds like BIOS found some hardware that needs to be configured in BIOS or is not working correctly that was having problems during POST when BIOS was checking the Mobo and attached hardware before loading Windows.

You did the first step by installing the latest BIOS Version which is what is mentioned in the MSI Mobo CPU SUPPORT LIST.

Make sure you have all the CPU or Aux Power cables connected to your Motherboard. it is normally a 4 or 6 or 8 Pin cable connection. The computer won't boot up if that is not connected to the Mobo.

This will be a pain but to eliminate and narrow the problem down you need to disconnect all hardware from the Mobo and just leave the PSU and CPU on with all Mobo cables connected.

Turn on power with the side panel off and see what Digital Trouble code shows up. With just the CPU installed you should get a DRAM Digital trouble code since no RAM is installed.

Install one stick of RAM and now it should show Digital Trouble Code of no GPU installed and so forth.

If you install one stick of RAM and it goes to Digital Trouble Code 'AB" again then you probably found the problem. I would try and borrow another RAM stick that is compatible with your 5000 series processor and Mobo and see if the AB code changes to something else.

This way you can narrow down whether the problem is with the CPU or DRAM or GPU or something else.





Thank you for your suggestions. I will give them a try. Yes, I had a 1800x in the system before, and it has been working for 4 years.


It is possible the RAM you had for the 1800X was compatible with that processor but may not be compatible with the new 5000 series processor.

MSI Support for your Mobo QVL List for Memory for the 5000 series processor:

Screenshot 2022-11-07 082158.png