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Adept II

Microcode patch level and agesa

My 5800x in bios says Microcode Patch Level A201009. If I upgrade my mobo bios with some new agesa from AMD is this going to change my Microcode patch Level? How does this relate to Agesa?

I ask this because I had random reboots on my 5600x and I started with an ASUS beta bios. I rolled back the asus bios but I assume this didn't rollback a CPU Microcode patch. I have since replaced that 5600x with a new 5800x and it is working fine with Microcode Patch Level A201009. However since I rolled back the bios I can see that beta also updated the LED EC1 Version to the newer beta bios I had before I rolled back (and my ARGB headers won't work). I am guess something similar got patched for my RGB Controller. 

Is it possible to apply a motherboard bios without applying cpu microcode patch? The bios release notes indicate agesa. Does an agesa release indicate CPU microcode patches?


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