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Journeyman III

Micro op performance counters on Zen microarchitectures


I encountered some unexpected results when using the Core::ExRetCops performance counter (PMCx0C1, counting "Retired Uops" according to the Processor Programming Reference (PPR) for AMD Family 17h Models 00h-0Fh Processors [1]) on my Zen+ Ryzen 5 2600X CPU.
For simple instructions that use memory, like for example "add rbx, qword ptr [rcx + 42]", this performance counter (read using nanoBench[2]) reports one micro op.
Table 1 of the Software Optimization Guide for AMD Family 17h Processors [3] however states that such instructions are implemented with two micro ops, one for the addition and one for the load.
It seems that either I misunderstood the documentation, or one of the documents is wrong. It might be a hint to the culprit that this performance counter is documented to count macro-ops instead of micro ops in the Zen3 PPR [4].

Is this a known error in the Zen(+) PPR, and if so, is there another mechanism to count the number of issued/executed/retired micro ops?

Thank you for your help!


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These type of technical threads I would suggest asking at AMD Developer's Forum where the Moderator can decide which of the various AMD Developer forums your thread is most applicable.

Start here first:

Thanks! I will do that.

Big Boss

Cool, ritter2a. I am almost sure I cannot help you (know nothing about Linux) but thanks much for the links. I DLed all your links and will take a look. Enjoy, John.