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Adept III

Memory for Ryzen 3 2200g and next probably Ryzen 5 3600 on Asus B450M-A motherboard

Dear AMD Community,

I would like to buy new parts and build own PC. I don't know what RAM memory I should buy for Ryzen 3 2200g. My motherboard is Asus Prime B450M-A. In next year I probably buy Ryzen 5 3600 or Ryzen 5 4600. This memory (HX430C15PB3K2/16) is on my motherboard QVL list (this is link to the list: ). I would like to use XMP profile. This is link to the memory specification: 

What do you think. This will be good choice? In my country is problem with availability but this memory is not trouble to buy.

I have question about OC. When I use XMP profile my processor will be overclocked. I don't want overclocking my processor because my motheboard has weak VRM.

Thanks for answer.

Yours faithfully,
Piotr from Poland

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That's only 3000mhz, ideally you will want something that is 3200mhz or faster. As long as it's on the QVL list, it'll work at the speed it's rated for on the list.


Officially Ryzen support only 2666Mhz? If I buy 3200 Mhz RAM  memory this will be overclocking so I am afraid that I will lost warranty for my CPU if I do this?


No warranty is voided for operating RAM at specified speeds.


I found this information on official AMD website:

"Overclocking is the process of forcing a computer hardware component to operate faster than intended. It can boost the overall performance of the system, which can help improve benchmark scores and increase the number of frames per second (FPS) in 3D games. Unfortunately overclocking increases power consumption which leads to more heat generation and eventually processor damage.  AMD does not support overclocking and cannot be held liable for any damage caused by the overclocking. Other side effects of overclocking include:

  • System instability and/or lower performance
  • Reduction of the lifespan of overclocked hardware"

I think that overclocking memory is not support by AMDD because memory controller of CPU does'nt support these speeds of RAM memory.

Adept II

There is a difference between overclocking memory and the CPU.  You do not have to overclock the CPU in order to overclock the memory, and you do not have to overclock the memory in order to overclock the CPU. Additionally, selecting a faster memory XMP profile is not considered overclocking.  If the memory is rated for 3000, running it at 3000 is acceptable.  once you try to overclock the memory past its rated speed (for example, 3200 for the memory you have selected), then that is overclocking.

For example, I have a 2200G with a 2 x 8 GB kit of memory (FlareX) rated for 3200 MHz.  When I initially installed the memory its default speed was 2133 MHz, but with a simple change in the bios to the XMP profile to 3200 it was running at its intended speed.  I don't overclock my CPU.  As a matter of fact, I currently have it running at the un-boosted speed of 3.5 GHz.

I don't think the intent of AMD is to void the warranty of the CPU if the memory is overclocked.  Someone please correct me if you think otherwise.

Back to your question about what ram to buy, I have a few suggestions:

-The memory you listed is a single 16 GB dimm.  Ryzen works better with two dimms, one for each channel.  I would suggest switching to a 2 x 8 GB kit.

- As mentioned by black_zion, faster memory works better with Ryzen.  The memory you listed can reach 3000 MHz.  The 2200G works well at 3200 speeds.  However, the R5 3600 can operate at even faster speeds, I think 3600 MHz for the memory is ideal if I recall correctly.  I don't have a link to reference, but I believe that is the "sweet spot" speed for the memory to interact with the infinity fabric.   You could operate at faster speeds, but it would hurt overall performance.

Basically, buy a 2 x 8 GB kit of memory with as fast of a speed as possible.  You can always set the XMP profile to the appropriate speed for the processor you are using at the moment.  Memory prices have dropped lately (at least in the states), so now is a good time to get a good kit.