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Adept I

Max safe voltage for 3900x overclocking?

Currently looking to overclock my 3900x,  I've been enjoying it since July.

I'm currently making my first attempt at overclocking with this chip since I have the time and would like to know what is a good starting place.  RN I just have PBO on with a -.1 voltage offset, using Dark Rock Pro 4 as my cooling solution, looking to try getting a decent all core OC or per CCX OC

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As long as you stay under 1.45v and 90*C you're fine for long term use. Ideally though you should aim for no more than 1.4v and 80*C.

What's the max oc you've seen on 1.4v?  I've gotten to 4.3ghz on 1.2v


mine is 12 core 1.425 v and all core 4.4Ghz 1833 mem

Adept I

I'd recommend going with a manual voltage setting rather than an offset.  Start with 1.25v and work your way up.  With the latest batch of CPUs I've been able to stay under 1.33v in every case...but all have had VERY good cooling solutions.  In any case, as other have said, stay below 1.4 for long term use.



You must decide the best for you. All core Manual OC will tend to benefit multicore apps and PBO will push the individual cores, works best in some older games.

If you are trying the PBO way, use the BIOS and looks for override values if you have that possibility plus offset voltage.
If you want to go All Core OC then manual voltage works best if you really want to push it.

Some conclusions:
All core plus manual voltage keeps the load temperatures much easier to manage but idle temps higher.
PBO plus offset voltage will get you much higher temps and voltages on load but low temps at idle and low loads.

Photoshop and older games see a benefit on PBO
Newer Games and Davinci Resolve see a benefit on Manual OC

Lastly: I wouldn't go beyond 1.4 as well.

Hope it helps

The Englishman