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M-Disk and AMD CPUs

I am about to work on a build with an ASUS board and an AMD Ryzen CPU  (7 3700 X).  I would like to include an M-Disk burner on this build (preferably internal) ... but the ASUS burner I wanted to use specified an Intel processor (this was a Blu-Ray and M-Disk burner).  When I did a search some posts I found  indicated that the Blu-Ray UHD capable burners were incompatible with AMD CPUs.  Most of the burners I have looked at do not specify a particular type of processor (but I was told one of the Pioneers I looked at, which did not specify a processor, was also incompatible).   Does anyone have experience with Blu-Ray, M-Disk, or both that would help me resolve this?  Thanks.

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I believe I saw the Asus burner you are talking about at Amazon:

Unlike other M-Disk burners this one says it support Windows 10 whereas the others at Amazon generally mentions it supports Windows 8.1 or older OSes.

To tell you the truth I have never heard of a burner that required a specific type of processor to work. This burner should work with any fast processor in my opinion.

I  do know that to play UHD Bluray that Intel Processors has built in native support for UHD BluRay playing or R/W.  But I have read with the correct video program you can play UHD BluRay with Non-Intel processors.

I suggest you open a Asus Support Chat and ask them if Intel really is needed for this burner to work:

Screenshot 2021-08-19 104255.png

I noticed the minimum Intel Processor is a really old Intel processor so I bet this burner will work fine with an AMD processor with the same speed or faster as the Intel Processor it mentions. But I would ask Asus Chat first in case this burner has been hardwired to work only with Intel Processors to support M-Disk feature.

NOTE: I personally have two Blu-Ray Burners. One by Asus and one by LG. Both works without any issues with my previous AMD processor FX8350 and now with my Ryzen 7 3700X processor.

Hey I just found out I have the same model Asus Blu-Ray burner in my computer and it runs fine with AMD processors.

Here is my SPECCY showing my Asus Model Blu-Ray Burner I have installed in my computer:

Screenshot 2021-08-19 104255.png

the only thing I see different it doesn't mention supporting M-Disks. In fact the outside cover for my Asus burner doesn't have the M-Disk logo on it like in the photo at

Went to my Asus Account and it shows my Burner was purchased on 12/2016 so I guess the latest Asus Model now supports M-Disk while my 2016 Asus burner doesn't.


Found this M-DISC FAQ website that shows all the Burners that are compatible with M-DISC:


Thanks again for the help.  I will try another shot at ASUS support to see if they can clarify if the new burner (wit M-Disk logo) will work.  I haven't had much success getting responses through their system.


Since I have the same model but Non-M-DISC I was able to open a Asus CHAT since I was able to input my Serial Number to start the Chat.

Seems like the M-Disc Asus model is only compatible with Intel. The tech basically just read the same information from Asus Spec sheet.

So I would look at the previous link I posted from M-DISC organization that shows all the Optical drives that support M-Disc feature.

NOTE: From what I have learned the ONLY DIFFERENCE between a M-DISC burner and a Non-M-DISC burner is that the M-DISC burner requires a much more powerful laser to be able to write on the special hardened M-DISC layer.

That is why a normal Optical Burner wouldn't be able to burn any M-DISCs since it isn't powerful enough to penetrate the special hardened layer on a M-DISC.

NOTE: I am actually quite surprised that a Optical Storage burner is compatible only with one brand of Processor. I figured as long as the processor was fast enough it should work. I guess I have to change my perception of this concerning Optical drives in the future.


Thanks ... I received pretty much the same reply for LG burners (and for one Pioneer model I checked}. 

Dunno what tech support is smoking these days but these are just SATA drives, they have no idea what CPU they're connected to LOL.

I have an LG WH14NS40 Bluray burner that is M-disc compatible and it works just fine on my Ryzen 5800X system.  I only use it for data archiving though, I don't play Bluray discs.

Now if you want to specifically watch movies on UHD Bluray discs, then it looks like you must have a modern (but not too modern lol) Intel system, as it's a DRM issue where one of the requirements is the presence of Intel SGX instructions on the CPU which AMD doesn't support.  This isn't the same as the drive simply not working with AMD systems.



I agree also, but what if the Optical Unit Firmware was configured (Hardwired) to run only with one brand of CPU. Doesn't really matter what type of connection it has.

The way I see it, It is no different if I use a Optical Storage device or HDD/SSD both aren't dependent on the CPU that is installed.


Why would a drive manufacturer intentionally make their drive not work with a particular CPU brand?  That would be them basically saying they don't want to make as much profit LOL.

The whole UHD Bluray DRM thing is a bit ridiculous, not just because PC's with AMD CPU's can't directly play them, but because a lot of Intels can't either!  LMAO!  Only 7-10th gen Intel CPU's have SGX instructions, and another requirement is that the playback must be through the Intel integrated graphics.  Which a lot of those 7-10th gen Intels don't have.

Anyway, @Dan3 didn't mention what he would be doing with the drive.  If he will be using it strictly for data storage, then there's no issue.  There's only really a problem if he wants to directly watch UHD Bluray movies.