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Journeyman III

Low Ryzen 5900x perfromance and high temp

Hello everybody,

I built my gaming pc for the first time with the following specs:

  • MoBo - Asus Rog Strix x570 E-Gaming

  • CPU - Ryzen 9 5900x

  • GPU - Asus Rog Strix RTX 3080 Gaming OC

  • RAM - G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32RGB 4000MHz

  • AIO Cooler - Corsair H150i Elite Capellix

  • Memory - Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD 1 TB

  • PSU - Corsair RM1000x

  • Fans - 10 Corsair SP RGB Fans

  • Case - Corsair 5000X

I downloaded and installed all the drivers and updates for BIOS. The configuration in completely stock (I'm not willing to overclock it at the moment) except for the D.O.C.P. to unlock the full frequency for my RAM.

I tried to do some benchmarks using Cinebench R23 and my disappointing scores are:

  • MT - 20293

  • ST - 1571

Regarding the temperatures (room temp about 21 °C):

  • CPU Idle temp - 40 and 55 °C

  • AIO Idle temp - 34 °C

  • CPU Cinebench R23 running - 67 °C max

  • AIO Cinebench R23 running - 38 °C

  • CPU Warzone running - 80 °C max

  • AIO Warzone running - 40 °C

I'm really concerned about my PC performances and temperatures. Could you please give me some advice to improve perfomances and reduce temp while not overcloking it?

Thank you very much.

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Adept II

Re: Low Ryzen 5900x perfromance and high temp

  Full disclosure....I'm just a user.  I'm not AMD.   lol.   Here's the magic:   In BIOS, set PBO2 curve optimizer to Per Core, now set the first set of cores / CCD to all negative 30, and set the cores on the second CCD set to all negative 26.   Now find and set CPU votlage to offset voltage mode, and set the offset to negative 0.1v.  Find and set LLC power config to CPU LLC level 4.  Now that you have significantly lower voltage to the CPU, it should stay clocked up higher for longer, and give you higher benchmarks.  Just run OCCT on small data, extreme tests, to make sure you're stable.  Also take some time to look at the SPD data on your RAM,  and see what the FAST/SAFE timings are in the Ryzen DRAM calculator software.  You may be able to run the RAM at the FAST settings (lower CAS latency, RAS, trfc, etc), with a touch more voltage on the RAM.  Hynix will usually run 1.45v daily, and samsung will normally run at 1.52 daily, not sure about Micron and others.  Your score will go up by up to 10% after these tweaks.   Credit goes to Professor Twitchy.  EDIT - As for temps.  During mem test, 58 degrees. During all core light load, 75 degrees.  During all core heavy load, AKA torture test, it's 90 degrees, at the PPT/TDC limits, which on my 5900x are:  PPT200, TDC 150, EDC 200   Note that when you have the EDC/PPT/TDC too high, you're gonna push the CPU harder than needed due to the voltage/current relationship, so locking in 200/150/200 or slightly lower may help increase benchmarks.


Adept I

Re: Low Ryzen 5900x perfromance and high temp

Hi, what I would recommend as a AMD knower and Bios tester are these steps, So in Bios 

Most important, Curve Optimizer @ Negative 30 All Core 
step1) Voltage Offset: +0.0250v

step 2) LLC 2

Step 3) CPU Current Capacity @ 110%
Step 4) Dram Current Capability @110%

Step 5) Dram Phase @ Extreme 

Step 6) Performance Bias @ Cr15 Aggressive 

Step 7) A Must, PBO Disabled and PBO Limits Disabled 

Step  Gear Down Mode: Disabled, Power Down Mode: Disabled 

Step 9) Last step and a must CPPC Enabled and CPPC Preferred Cores Disabled 

Do all of these and any other setting you like with these active and test results (don’t forget to share if they increase) 

Journeyman III

Re: Low Ryzen 5900x perfromance and high temp

Omg we need a video! But yeah I’m having the same problem 5900x 3080 w/Rog Strix LC 360 and she hitting 80c on idle in game! New build! I have to keep the fans at 1500rpm to keep it kool! So there a aio temp as well! Oh god I gotta look that up! Totally new to pc building it’s my first build and thought I was out of the woods and good to go! she hot! 

Adept I

Re: Low Ryzen 5900x perfromance and high temp

As I said before, these settings fix that and make the 5900x run great 


Hi, my settings that work very well for me are as follows:

Most important, Curve Optimizer @ Negative 30 All Core (Under AMD Overclock and PBO Advance) 

step1) Voltage Offset: +0.0250v

step 2) CPU LLC 2 and

Step 3) CPU Current Capacity @ 110%

Step 4) Dram Current Capability @110%

Step 5) Dram Phase @ Extreme

Step 6) Performance Bias @ Auto

Step 7) A Must, PBO Disabled and PBO Limits Disabled

Step 8 Gear Down Mode: Disabled, Power Down Mode: Disabled

Step 9) A must CPPC Enabled and CPPC Preferred Cores Disabled

Step 10) CPU Max Boost Override @ 0 (zero) and Thermal Throttle limit @ 90c (under AMD Overclock Tab)

Step 11) Core Performance Boost: Enabled

Tell me how this goes in detail