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Adept I
Adept I

Looks like Fall Creators Update have better support for Threadripper and maybe other Ryzen CPUs too

Have tested Fall Creators Update 16299.19 and there is clearly better support for Threadripper (UMA and NUMA),

I hope other Ryzen CPUs is affected by this too. I only installed latest chipset driver found here on AMD and audio driver.

USB drivers are new I think and behave much better, please try out default ones first and be sure to have latest firmware if possible (Updates with the UEFI bios).

Be careful replacing mouse drivers and keyboard drivers (test the default Microsoft ones first).

There are stutter related fixes and possible some compatibility fixes for AMD USB I think, so it is very important to test the default drivers in general.

There is much less stutter in both Distributed and Local Memory Access Mode (DIE and Channel - Memory Interleaving).

There was also less fps drops (Nvidia GPUs tested same driver on CU and FCU). Hopefully AMD GPUs have less fps drops too.

Windows 10 until now have been optimized heavily towards Intel, looks like this is about to change.

Hopefully this is helpful for someone. ^^

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