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Long MemTest86 runtimes with Ryzen 2700X.


I have been trying to verify some Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro memory on a Ryzen 2700X build.
I am seeing some very long MemTest86 runtimes on Ryzen 2700X @3.7GHz versus runtime on an Intel i7-4790K or i7-4770K @ 3.7GHz with same amount of memory installed on all machines (32GB).

I am running MemTest86 Tests 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 + Test 13 (Hammer Test).
I am running 4 passes of the above tests.

Has anyone else noticed long MemTest86 runtimes on Ryzen 2700X?

Increasing the Ryzen Memory to 64GB on Ryzen build the runtimes are ridiculous at times.
Runtime for 4 pass of MemTest86 with 64GB of DDR4 installed is > 24hours in some cases.

(That result is a Pass - i.e the memory is o.k. according to MemTest86.)

I was wondering if PassMark might need to produce a version of MemTest 86 specifically compiled to run on Ryzen 2700X?


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Yes, memtest86 is extremely slow - my 16GB ram (XMP 3200) needs ~2 hours to complete 4 tests  with my 2700x CPU. Dunno why there is a sleep test too just wasting time.

Adept II

I cant think of the exact name of the mode but by default memtest only uses 1 core. Somewhere in the settings there’s an option for using multiple cores.. which you want to do anyway to stress test it better. But, it will run through the test much faster. 


Just checked v8.1 and the default setting is parallel - all cores

I agree something is very wrong - my 3200 ram (not cache) is supposed to do ~18000MB/s, tells me memtest86, hence my 16GB installed is processed in under 1 second. I see memtest86 is quite complex shifting all bits around but still I wonder why this slow hence long time to run?



Thanks for the reply.
I am running this: MemTest86 - Official Site of the x86 Memory Testing Tool 
I am running version 8.1.

It claims to run some tests with 16 threads in parallel, other tests are indeed single core.

In any case, the runtimes on Ryzen are much longer than I see on my i7-4790K with same memory capacity running at same processor speed.
Something is wrong.
I think a Ryzen 2700X 8 core 16 thread should complete the test on same amount of memory in less time than i7-4790K which is only 4 core 8 thread.
The Ryzen 2700X is beating the performance of i7-4790K in other tests as expected.