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Journeyman III

Lenovo Legion 5 (82B1) with AMD Ryzen 7 4800H stuttering now and then (video down below)


Idk if this is the correct forum and/ord location, but i'll post it here anyway. I have this Lenovo laptop i bought less than a year ago.
Last few months there's been many stutters and crashes while playing games, especially while playing League of Legends. My current specs are as follows, (dxdiag system info) 

To make it short and compact,
Issues : - Heavy stutter (from 100+ fps to less than 10, lasts a few secs then goes back)
              - Game gets stuck and i have to open task manager to force close it.
              - The whole laptop crashes and restarts by itself.
What i've tried : -  Clean install of windows 10 TWICE. (still issues)
                             - Installed ONLY Manufacturer drivers (still issues)
                             - Updated drivers manually from their respective websites (nvidia, amd etc) (still issues)
                             - Updated Bios from the manufacturer website, (correct one for my specific serial nr laptop etc) 
                             - I've done some research and i came upon AMD fTPM and TPM, where people are saying casues these stutters with similiar situations. What i did was go into bios and turn off AMD PSP, which i thought is the almost the same thing, cuz didnt find any TPM or fTPM in bios. However, this did not help either. 

This is a video demonstration of what happens.

Appreciate all help

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