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Journeyman III

Kingston 128GB 3200MHz EUDIMM not training with 5950X


I recently bought 4x KSM32ED8/32ME modules (4x 32GB 3200MHz ECC UDIMM) to use with a 5950X on an ASUS B550M-Plus (Wi-Fi). Unfortunately, these sticks do not train properly during POST, resulting in a non-bootable system. The only ways I've found so far to get the system to boot are:

  • Removing a module at least from slot B1. DRAM trains and initializes, 96GB RAM detected, system boots to OS.
  • Do above step and boot to UEFI config, set DRAM frequency to 3000MHz, reinsert module for 128GB total DRAM. DRAM trains and initializes (set to 3000MHz), 128GB RAM detected, system boots to OS.

I'd like to be able to use all of this memory at it's specified speed. This seems like an AGESA DRAM training issue. I contacted ASUS and they (after mentioning this memory is not on the QVL list...) suggested increasing DRAM voltage, increasing SOC voltage, and loosening timings. I'm not well-read on DRAM over/underclocking, though I was seemingly unable to increase DRAM voltages for these modules from UEFI config. What is certain is that the next time that I upgrade/reset the UEFI firmware, all settings will be restored to stock, and I will be unable to boot unless I remove a module from slot B1, which is rather inconvenient.

Could AMD possibly look into supporting training these modules when configured for 128GB (4x modules) at 3200MHz, at the AGESA level?

AGESA (and UEFI firmware) versions tested:

  1. AGESA Patch A (UEFI version 2401)
  2. AGESA (UEFI version 2201)
  3. AGESA Patch A (UEFI version 2006)



Jean Lucas