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Journeyman III

issues with 7950x3d

Hey guys I'm new to the forum. I'm having a bit of an issue with 7950x3d. I try playing COD Warzone and the game crashes. It keeps giving me "unrecoverable error" and "direct x error". All my drivers are up to date. my specs are as follows:


AMD 7950X3D

Asus Strix X670E-A Mobo

Nvidia 4808 card

Corsair Dominator Titanium 7000mhz ram 4 16bg sticks

I have two SSD 

Samsung 980 for games (2TB) and 970 for os (500gb) 

Corsair 150 XTI Elite LCD AIO

Lian Li 120 Fans


Its really annoying that this game crashes i cant find any answers as to what causes.  There will be times its fine and other times it as unstable as my ex wife. 

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Adept III

Check that your specific RAM kit is on your mobo's QVL list for your CPU at the speed you're running it at. If it's not, try disabling XMP / EXPO and seeing if stability improves.


If it improves, you can try enabling XMP / EXPO and changing the frequency to one that is supported for that mobo + CPU + RAM kit combo (if the kit is indeed supported).


Here are some specific instructions for setting up the 7950x3D. Game Bar needs to be on and updated among other things: