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Journeyman III

Is these OC settings on a 3800X safe?

Hello all

I'm trying to get some more out of my 3800X. I'm using AMD Ryzen Master and inbuilt Test and then after running Cinebench R20 and getting a score of 5143 running at a all Core-Boost 4.4Ghz at 1,4375V. Is this safe? Temp is 88C.

I have only tweaked All Core-Boost and Voltage nothing else. Is there other settings I should try to get even more out of my CPU?

I saw a guy on this forum saying that he achieved 4.5Ghz at 1.35V. My Voltage is much and higher and my clock is lower!!! Is this normal or am i doing something wrong?

My Setup is as follows:

Asus Rog-Strix X570-F

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X @ 4.4Ghz at 1.4375V

Corsair Vengence Pro 3200Mhz

Coolermaster Silent Pro 1000W Gold PSU

Kind Regard DrFeelgood

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PBO will kick the voltage up towards 1.5v FOR SHORT PERIODS, so while it may reduce the life of the chip, it's not going to cause damage to run it at 1.44v. However, it must be said temperatures have to be kept under control, and 88*C is NOT under control. Even though the thermal maximum of the 3800X is 95*C, that's really close to it, really too close for comfort.

Every chip will overclock differently, some are very good and some will barely do anything more, and it's a very good idea to leave it alone with the Ryzen 3000 series and let Turbo and PBO do its job of maximizing every core to it's best ability.


I recommend using the stock settings, this way you CPU will last for years. 

Journeyman III

Ok thanks black_zion: When using stock setting with only XMP settings i get terrible performance. only a boost clock of 4.099Ghz and single core won't hit 4.5Ghz. I have triede using some PBO/Turbo settings, but i does not affect my CPU at all. So I turned to do it manually.

hardcoregames: Stock settings suck a bunch for me as you can read above!!! 

EDIT: Now i'm trying to do some BIOS Overclocking, but I have a wired issue. When ever i touch the Voltage Ryzen Master is stock at 1.099999V that's with a manual volt or a offset voltage... hmm help? I tried running Asus 5 Way Optimization, but i was not happy with it's settings, so load BIOS defaults. I have uninstalled everything Asus and Uninstalled Ryzen Master and reinstalled Ryzen Master, but Voltage is still showing 1.099999V!!! What do to?


Have you tried to clear the CMOS to get back to factory defaults?