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Journeyman III

Is there any way to get ECC on non-pro Athlon 200ge working?


I have build a NAS System based on ASUS A320M-K plus Athlon 200GE. Runs nicely and I love it ... but it does not Support ECC at least officially.

The PRO does it and I'm pretty sure it is just some AGESA Setting instead of a hardwired change on the Die. a consumer im not able to get one reasonable priced ...200€?

So my Question to AMD ... is there any way that this will be unlocked for the sake of consumer binding in the near feature? 

Or at least will there be some upcoming successor (eg. 300GE) with this feature?

This CPU would be perfectly suited for any NAS if it would support ECC on consumer products. 

I would be really glad if some AMD spokespearson could give some statement or outlook on this.

Thank you so far


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