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Is there a way to contact a developer at AMD in order to posit a theory over SVI2 TFN Vcore?

I realise this is a huge long stretch, but as the title says, is there a way to contact a developer at AMD to put forward a theory surrounding Vcore behaviour on the 5000 series? The forum seems to be absent of AMD staff, with more available on reddit that on AMD's own forum. The information I would like to share was provided by a well-known and respected tweaker/overclocker who asked I not post any of it publicly.

I'd be happy to use a helpdesk-type system, where the developer's email is obfuscated, so long as it's a developer I could speak with/provide information to. Again, I realise this is a long shot.

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You can try and post your question at AMD Forum's Developer for Newcomers from here:

The Moderator will read your question and decide which of the various Developer's forums would be most suitable to be posted at. At the same time the Moderator will "Whitelist" so that you can post and answer questions at AMD Forum Developers.