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Journeyman III

Is The processor Ryzen 5 2600 compatible with the motherboard ASRock B450m pro4?

Is The processor  Ryzen 5 2600 compatible with the motherboard ASRock B450m pro4?

I installed a new ASRock B450 pro4 and put a Ryzen 5 2600 in won't even POST.

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Journeyman III

I found this: 

Looks like it is fully  compatible, might be a bad processor or a bad board.


The list I posted was from your motherboard's Support page which shows all the Processors that are compatible and what versions of BIOS is needed to support those processors. 

What are the exact symptoms when you power up?  That would help to see where to look for in troubleshooting. Also I see your motherboard has no Trouble LEDs nor Digital Codes. So if you have a PC Speaker on your computer, how does the BEEPs sound like when you power up?


Yes, that processor is compatible with your motherboard: ASRock > B450M Pro4 

Need more information on your Computer setup like CPU, GPU, and PSU Make & Model.

If it doesn't even POST, what exactly is happening?

Make sure you have all the Motherboard Power connectors connected:

Double Check that your Processor and CPU Cooler is installed correctly.

Do you see any motherboard Trouble LEDs. Digital Codes, or BEEPs when you power on?

Are all the hardware fans, CPU, GPU, Case, running or not?  Especially the CPU Cooler Fan should be running as soon as you power up.

If it is completely dead, no lights, or any activity as though it is unplugged, then you need to check the PSU and your wall outlet for power.


For troubleshooting purposes, Remove all hardware except CPU, GPU, PSU, Keyboard/Mouse, Monitor and remove all RAM MEMORY Modules except one.

See if it boots up and you are able to enter BIOS. 


When I power up, all fans start. I get no video at all. No beeps, no POSTing, no indication that it is on at all except that all of the fans are going including the CPU fan and the LEDs are lit. I initially thought the CPU was bad, but now I'm thinking it might be the board. I base that on some others that have left feed back that my son found about the ASRock board. I have ordered another board (still ASRock B450M) and another processor (Ryzen 5 2600). So I'll see. I'm a little fearful of putting the new processor on the old board and vice-versa, because if one is bad, it might kill the other. Any thoughts?


Could it be possible you have a bad cable from the GPU to the Monitor or the GPU is not working correctly? 

If you have the Monitor cable connected to the Motherboard you will not get any signal because the Ryzen 2600 doesn't have any integrated Graphics for the Motherboard to use. The Monitor cable must be connected to the GPU card you have installed to get any signal.

Try clearing your Motherboard BIOS and see if that makes any difference by doing a CLEAR CMOS. This will put the BIOS back to factory default.