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Journeyman III

Is My Ryzen 7 7700x Overheating?

Hi. I am using Ryzen 7 7700x. My question and problem is this processor has over heating



(Asus Rog Strix RTX 4080, Seasonic 850wPSU, Asus Tuf gaming B650M-Plus motherboard, and Ryzen 7 7700x with MSI CORELIQUID 360R v2 water cooling)


I am really suspicious about this processor because it goes 95+ degrees while I am playing. I searched this and found some kind of undervolt thing (I am not sure). I changed the pbo and throttle limit to 85. Its now max 74 degrees.

But also, I am not sure about changing these things because I think I will lose my processor performance while doing that.


Can someone please help me about this

Thank you

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Adept II

My guess, you have enabled PBO. By design Clocks will be boosted to maximum achievable Freq, up to and until temperature reaches 95C, to extract maximum performance. You have good cooling setup; you should let processor boost to maximum.  

95C under load is not an issue. 


Thanks for your reply


Btw I think my cooling system is not okay for ryzen processors. Do you have any reccomendation?


Temperatures is HOT topic.

Everything counts, from your case,settings, board,fans and placement, ambient temperature, everything.

I think 360 is well suited for a 7700X, check your BIOS settings or do a CMOS clear if you are unsure.

Use HWiNFO or OCCT to check if its throttling.

The weird part is, a 360 should be more than suffice for a stock 7700X, did you do the install it? Have you using the thermal sticker that comes ore applied on the block? Have you peeled it, some do bring a protective peel. Is it well seated? 

I'm saying all this because I have a 240 RoG Ryujin cooling my 7950X just fine, although I'm using it undervolted, I'm allowing it to boost all the way to 5,8ghz just fine under 80C

So it could be a bad seating or bad AIO. Check if the tubing coming out of CPU is hot and if the pump is making noise.

Whats the Idle temps?

Good luck 

The Englishman