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Journeyman III

Is my Ryzen 7 3700x slower than it should be???

So, I just recently started using a build that has a Ryzen 7 3700x and for the most part, I'm pretty happy with it. However, I watched a bunch of tutorials on how to setup Precision Boost and Auto OC mode through Ryzen master and, even with 200 boost with Auto OC, the max that ccx0 or ccx1 ever reached was roughly 4200mhz. Now I'm not all that savvy with AMD yet so I could be completely misunderstanding how this whole thing works, but shouldn't it at least reach the 4,400mhz speed that its boost clock is advertised as? Again, I could be completely wrong in what I'm reading, seeing, etc.. but I'm definitely curious. I watched a tutorial where someone manually adjusted their PPT, TDC, and EDC down slowly little by little, somehow boosting his speed when decreasing his EDC value. Mine is not acting like his was when I tried lol.  Also, I have 2x16GB of Corsair Vengeance RGB 3600mhz RAM and I also have 2x16GB of Dominator Platinum RGB 3200mhz RAM. Which would work better with with processor. I kind of understand the ratio between ram and CPU and the infinity fabric but with the boost clock fluctuating all the time, would that throw the ratio off? If I use 3600mhz ram on a 3.6ghz CPU that boosts to 4.4GHz (which is really only 4.2GHz on mine for some reason) wouldn't that completely throw off the ratio?

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Adept II

Re: Is my Ryzen 7 3700x slower than it should be???

I advice not overchasing benchmarks and numbers and instead looking at gaming fps and smoothness and whether u get stutters.

Most of the time you are gpu bound for fps except at 1080p resolution.

AMD is clever in its marketing that it says 'up to x amount' which means they only guarantee the minimum performance but not the max. Basically, CPU max performance varies per CPU.

However many things affect performance like your case ventilation, which can cause thermal throttling when your cpu, your motherboard, which may throttle power it can draw, and even the bios that sets these limits.

It's just not straightforward to diagnose them over a forum like that and I think it may not be worth it to invest both time and new components to get it to run at that speed for negligible performance gains.

Re: Is my Ryzen 7 3700x slower than it should be???

Just like jufuggie said, but I just want to add something.

Have a look on thermals, specially if you are still on the Wraith cooler. It will only boost when thermal headroom is made available.

The wraith is not bad overall, but if your case is airflow restricted you will definitely run into a thermal issue.


What I did:

Undervolted CPU with offset to -0.1volt, GPU as well using the Adrenalin profiles for specific games and apps.

Check your fan curves, AUTO for wraith is not the best IMO. So I every now and then, I manual fan curve adjust considering the room temperature. The AUTO will make the fan adjust itself but not fast enough for those high clock spikes.

Is your case Airflow Un-Friendly? I still have the Obsidian High Airflow edition 450D from corsair which is amazing, if your front panel is kinda closed, not much air will get in. Remember, hot air will rise and the GPU won't help either as it sits in most occasions right under the CPU, emanating a lot of heat. (Zero DB mode on GPU will make your CPU hotter, I would disable that feature while gaming)

AND! Clean & Tidy, I keep the system always spot on for best temperatures. (usually clean it twice a month with compressed air)

Even then, with all this, CPU is still reaching up to 75ºC (room temps at 25ºC) 69ºC at night while rendering videos. Gaming is less demanding, so less temperature overall. Boosting for me has improved a bit up to 4337Mhz (Ryzen 2700X) A friend of mine reported better boost clocks but he is rocking an AIO.

I made a video about his too, its not much, but ...

Journeyman III

Re: Is my Ryzen 7 3700x slower than it should be???


PC Specs

-B450m a/c gaming Mobo
-2x16Gb 3600mhz Corsair vengeance RGB RAM or 2x16Gb 3200mhz Dominator Platinum RGB RAM
-Ryzen 7 3700x CPU
-MSI RTX 2070 Super Ventus OC GPU
-Corsair H150i Elite AIO cooling system with 6 Corsair RGB fans connected to the same controller with radiator mounted at the top of the case
-Thermaltake SMART 700W PSU 

 The case has almost no front airflow. The ventilation is from the back side of where the 2 fans are mounted facing you. The radiator is up top and then the single fan on the rear side. Which direction would you say for best airflow ie: rear fan pulling air in or out? Radiator fans pulling up or down? Also, do you think the dominator 3200mhz is better than vengeance 3600mhz? I'm not sure which would be a better ratio to my processor. 

Adept II

Re: Is my Ryzen 7 3700x slower than it should be???

I think the airflow is more or less covered looking at the build.

Well, I think u should pop in the 3600 and just try it. 


Re: Is my Ryzen 7 3700x slower than it should be???

You should not have any problem with thermals with a 360 AIO Just check the temps either way, you may have the AIO set to silent profile or something, Corsair software should have a tab for fan curve adjustment.

For the radiator fans, always UP (exhaust), heat will always rises. Convection.
Since you don't have any FANS in the front, which could cause turbulence, you could try testing if the rear as intake helps and at the same time, fans at the side should be set as intake too.
Sometimes, a lot of fans doesn't mean more airflow. Some cases are really a pain on that matter and the airflow has a rule, they just wanna follow one way or there will be air turbulence inside. 

Start up HWiNFO64 and check the maximum clocks you have on record, assuming that you haven't done it.

I would go with 3600, Ryzen really likes fast memory. I think both Dominator and Vengeance are CL16. 

Have you tried enabling PBO?
To be safe, do you have an energy profile set on Windows? Check the Maximum Processor state, maybe... should always be 100%

In the meanwhile, I've read on other forums this for Ryzen 3700X:

Highest boost clock is also very dependent of temperature. In my sample that is from first batch, at 71c it drops all cores by 100MHz at lest, 83c by 200MHz + while at 62-65c it hits 4.398 on one core. At one time it went over 4.425GHz but later on dropped with different/newer BIOS and AGESA although benchmark scores improved.
I understand that newest 3700x batches behave better by 50-100mhz.

BTW, cool looking computer man. Get Cable MOD cables on that rig, it will look even more awesome!