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Journeyman III

Is my Ryzen 7 1700X dead?

Hello. I have a problem with my Ryzen 7 1700X. It works fine for 6 month, but yesterday my PC freezed and after that it cant boot anymore. When i start it, leds flashing in order DRAM, CPU, VGA, then again DRAM, CPU, VGA (btw, mobo ASUS X370 Strix-F). Sometimes it can go 3-4 cycles but in the end always only VGA LED is on, and no boot. Tried in same system two other Ryzens (i have 3 Ryzens: two 7 1700X and one 7 1700), no problems, both booting easily. Tried faulty CPU with other motherboards, other GPUs, RAMs, coolers, PSUs. Nothing helped. So what can it be? My CPU dead? It was never overheated, cause I never used voltage more than 1.3V and last few weeks i used it at 3700Mhz 1.12V (like power efficiency). CPU was used with liquid AIO cooler Corsair H60 (works fine, checked it). Looks like some problems with PCI-E lanes "controller" on CPU

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It seems like you answered your own post. If the other Ryzen 7 works fine and the faulty Ryzen 7 doesn't and the same problem occurs on another motherboard, it seems to be pretty obvious that the CPU went bad. I would RMA since it is only 6 months old.

Guess you are right) Created RMA request 2 days ago, received email with my ticket number, but still no answer from AMD. Anybody knows how long it takes usually to get answer for RMA request?


Today i received email from AMD with approve of my RMA request!