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Journeyman III

Is my 3950x CPU bad?

New build.  3950x, MSI Meg Unify x570, 64 GB RAM,   

System worked without issue for about 2 days, using both Windows10 and Linux.

I was using system in Linux (but not in process of changing anything) when I got a fatal error and had to reboot the machine.  Have not been able to successfully boot into OS since.  Can get to BIOS fine.  During boot process, it immediately reboots at start of boot.  Won't boot for any disk or USB.

The only way I've been able to get in was via Linux turning ACPI off in GRUB, but then I only get 1 core.

Normally it is impossible to see any error messages during boot as it happens so fast, but I was able to capture this one of the times.

photo - 1.jpeg

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Well I'm not a linux user so a lot of the information I found was over my head.

The threads on this issue seem to indicate that the issue is with the CPU's low power states.

Fixes that seemed to work for people  where either disabling PBO or disabling c6 staes.


See if this linus tech site help any which show several tips to check your CPU under linus: 206903 – Spontaneous reboots with Ryzen-3700x (Machine Check: 0 Bank 5: bea0000000000108) 

EDIT: I suggest you open a AMD Service Request (Official AMD Support)-Warranty and see if they believe you need to RMA your processor not to be checked or replace if it still isn't under the Retailer's Warranty.

AMD Warranties their Retail Processor from date of purchase for 3 years.

If you have used PBO or XMP don't mention you did or it will void warranty.