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Adept II

Is it possible to upgrade a laptop Ryzen CPU?

I want to purchase a new laptop and the new units with a Ryzen CPU really look enticing; however, trying to get one with the right combo and a high end CPU is proving challenging. I've come across several units that might fit my bill; however, none are with the right combination. They have one that offers a Ryzen 3 2200u only 8 Gb of ram and a very slow 1T 5400 HD. I'm fairly sure that upgrading the Ram and the HD should be an easy do/change out with a 1T SSD (which I already have) but it would be ideal if I could upgrade my CPU to a Ryzen 2700u, or even a 2500u. I'm pretty sure that the Ryzen 3 just won't cut the mustard when it comes to gaming.

I might mention that I build desktops all the time, not just for my own enjoyment; but, for family members and friends. My present systems (I won't list all of them) are an i7-6700K and a Ryzen 1300X that's sitting on a high end MB, acting as a placeholder for a future CPU upgrade.

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No, all AMD mobile processors after 2013 are BGA (soldered to the motherboard), and are thus not easily upgraded.

Adept III

Like @neon said Mobile CPUs are hard to replace.

However there are Laptops with desktop CPUs like the ROG-Strix-GL702ZC.

This one as example doesn't have the CPU soldered , so you could as example get

the one with R5 anc change the CPU to R7. Now 'if' ASUS decides to update the BIOS and

support Ryzen second gen you could in theory even have R7 2700 installed in it.


Adept I

No, in one word, you can't upgrade a laptop CPU with mentioned Ryzen processors.