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is it possible to change a cpu which has FT4 socket?

I really want to upgrade my laptop. it currently has amd a9 9225. i want amd a9 9425 which shares the same socket.

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I mentioned in the last similar thread that you opened concerning FT4 Motherboard sockets.

The processors are soldered on to the motherboard. It is very difficult to upgrade unless you take it to a special Computer shop that has the equipment to un-solder and re-solder a new processor. Plus most likely the computer shop is going to charge you more than what your laptop is worth or the price of a newer Laptop in parts and labor.

Plus you can't just upgrade a processor. First the BIOS version you have installed on your laptop MUST support the upgraded processor otherwise it won't boot.

Second the processor must run under the laptop's engineered spec otherwise it will overheat or have power issues.

You need to open a Support ticket to find out which processor you can upgrade but most likely they will say you can't upgrade the processor since it is soldered on.

You might want to replace your laptop's motherboard with a upgraded processor motherboard on it. But then again it will probably cost as much or more than what your laptop is worth.