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Journeyman III

is anyone sell AMD 7742

if you have nice price for AMD 7742 cpu call me.

my Wechat number:a475230935

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I am assuming by AMD 7742 you are talking about a AMD EPYC 7742 Server Processor!

Maybe if you asked at AMD SERVER GURUS you might get a better response since that forum is used for anyone concerning Server and its hardware including EPYC processors from here:

That processor is not cheap at all. It is very expensive ($5000.00), at least, at Amazon:

Found that Ebay sells a EPYC 7742 for about 50% off from the MSRP:

Screenshot 2021-03-24 172051.png

NOTE: Found out the Seller is from China so I would be wary or careful about what you are buying from them.