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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Is AMD Wraith Stealth CPU-cooler PWM-controlled?

Hi. I wonder: Is the AMD Wraith Stealth CPU-cooler, that is included with the AMD Ryzen 3600 CPU, PWM-controlled?

I know that it is a 4-pin CPU-cooler, which PWN uses, but I want to be sure, because no one mentions "PWM" when talking about this cooler, they just mention "4-pin" connector.


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Re: Is AMD Wraith Stealth CPU-cooler PWM-controlled?

Yes it is. If it wasn't it would have a 3 pin power connector instead of a 4 pin power connector.

In my opinion, I would say all CPU Cooler fans are PWM-controlled. The main reason is to cut down on noise from the fan when the CPU is not very hot and to save electricity.

Some CPU Fans can be quite loud and annoying when running at 100% but when using PWM the fan is running quieter unless the CPU gets very hot thus cutting down on noise and electricity. 

Here is an previous Tom's Hardware thread that validates what I just wrote about the Wraith Stealth being PWM controlled: How to tell if CPU fan is PWM | Tom's Hardware Forum