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Is AMD Threadripper 2990WX and TR4 mainboard compatible with Windows Server 2019 OS?

Is AMD Threadripper 2990WX and TR4 mainbord compatible with Windows Server 2019 OS?

Because all of the mainboard manufacturers for TR4 mainboards have only Windows 10 drivers on their internetsite and normally they don't give official answers, can someone say here on the forum, from experience or from own testing, if you can run Windows Server 2019 with AMD Threadripper 2990WX on a TR4 mainboard? In case this works which hardware (mainboard) was used?

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Big Boss

dfk1976, I suspect there are no differences between W10 and Server 2019 drivers.  I have run across no references to Server only drivers.  Even AMD's Driver Download Site does not mention Server and EPYC points to this same site.  There is a Server forum here, so I suggest you ask there.  I have always recommended that users DO NOT GET any drivers from the MB vendor!  At best they are very likely to be down level.  Get AMD drivers ONLY from the AMD site linked to above.  Other vendors (eg, Intel NICs) get from the vendor.  Enjoy, John.


Ok, thank you. So it should work, for safety I will post the question also on the server forum. I've already successfully installed Windows Server 2019 with a Ryzen 1700 CPU on a B350 chipset and that worked too.


The short answer, yes its compatible with both Windows 10 and Server 2019