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Journeyman III

Is 35°C real idle temperature fine for my Ryzen 7 1700x? What about ~75°C real stress/max temperature?

Hello, I am kind of concerned because it is my first time building a desktop myself.

I have a cheap fan cooler so this is why it concerns me.

(My CPU Fan Cooler: Alpenföhn: Silvretta)

I am planning to change to a liquid cpu cooling thing after a year, to add up some potential to my build.

Here is some additional information about my investigation to this.

0. We are talking about stock frequencies, voltages and so on. We are talking about real temperatures and not +20 safety/oc-cpu-edition offset.

1. Tdie: 35°C - Tctrl: 55°C - AMD Ryzen Master Report: ~45°C

     (AMD Ryzen Master related)

     1.1. I pointed that this software, completely updated today 1/10/2018, gives us information based on Tdie and NOT Tctrl, so it does not counts +20°C anymore.

     1.2. I also pointed that it increases my processor's temperature while active, side effect of the frequent sensor check I guess.

2. With "idle" I mean ~3-9% CPU Usage based on Windows 10 taskmgr.exe, while constructing this topic on Google Chrome and not even listening to music, if that matters anyway.

3. About my proccessor's max temperature, I feel I am fine.

     Here is my scenario: I open up a stress test tool that uses 100% of CPU and temperature went up to 75°C

4. I also pointed that my real CPU temperature (Tdie) goes up to 43-45°C while watching a YouTube 1080p video through Google Chrome.

In the attachments, you can see a screenshot with my current temperature (5% CPU Usage) and you can also see my gaming max (NOT stress test) temperatures, with +20 offset and without.

My QUESTION is: Will I be fine for a year or two with those temperatures? (click attachment image bellow for fast review of this topic.)

Let me know if my information is not enough.

Thank you, George.

1 Solution

Thermal maximum for Ryzen processors is 90°C, so as long as you keep it under 80°C longevity isn't going to be a problem.

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Thermal maximum for Ryzen processors is 90°C, so as long as you keep it under 80°C longevity isn't going to be a problem.

Great news ... As I can see I am worried more than normal ...
Thanks for calming me down a little more.

I would like to hear one or two more opinions.

Let me remind that my 1700x DOES NOT exceed 75°C (95°C with the +20 offset).

Journeyman III

I am fine but I should get a liquid cooling thing or a high profile CPU cooler, I am running an 8 core CPU anyway, an unlocked version of it.

Thank you for calming me down. @black_zion

I would like to request locking this topic.


I always suggest liquid for silence, especially if you live in a warmer climate. Given the advanced process, even single slot liquid coolers, like the H80i, are sufficient, though if your case can fit a 280mm radiator, you cannot go wrong with the Corsair Hydro Series, H115i PRO RGB, 280mm Radiator, Dual 140mm ML Series PWM Fans, Advanced RGB Lig... Under gaming load it never passes  60°C, and that's with the fans spinning under 1000RPM and pump set to quiet (2000rpm vs 3000rpm).