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Install Cooler Master LC120E RGB on Asrock B350M+HDV

I recently got from my Secret Santa a Cooler Master LC120E RGB, it was on my wish list so they got it, I see on Amazon that it should install out of the box on  a AM4 Board, TBH this is my first water cooler install, I watched couple videos on Youtube on how to install, I installed the brackets but they don't fit, so I'm assuming those are for non AM4 boards, there are a couple of pressure clips included and I"m wondering if those are the AM4 mounts? I already took my Wraith off and put it back on to check to see if there was a way to get the cooler on there, so if there is a way to get the answer without having to take it off again I would appreciate, thanks for any help or suggestions.

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EDIT: Deleted CPU Cooler Manual which turned out to be the wrong CPU Cooler. My oversight.

Inside the Manual gives you step by step instructions on how to connect the Pump to the AMD AM4 Socket and how to install the Radiator to the computer case.


I appreciate your doing that, but that's not the manual for the 120E, they do differ significantly not only is the coooler shape different but the screw in clips in the  120l don't come with the 120E, I just located my manual and it would appear the AM4 install requires the clips which I do have, so hopefully it does install out of the box, thanks for trying. Update, I just took off my Wraith and wouldn't you know it there are no brackets to mount the clips, due to the fact that I opted for a temperature bracket plate mounted on the back of the mobo, and I didn't make the build so I don't have the brackets, I supposed I could ask the builder if he still  has them? Doesn't that mean I won't be able to have a temp sensor for the processor if I take the bracket off?  Other than being to be able to find the brackets, Am I going to need a new mobo to mount this cooler will I still have option of a temp sensor? Sigh.


sorry, oversight by me. I will delete the Manual from my previous reply. Thanks.

As far as I know, Both the Motherboard and Processor all have temperature sensors built into them. I not aware of a Temperature bracket plate that mounts in the rear of a motherboard. Many new CPU Coolers don't clip into the original brackets that motherboard have, so Users need to remove the Motherboard's original brackets and sometimes need to install a back plate so that the new CPU Cooler can be screwed into place.

As an example, I have a Motherboard (AM3+) that originally uses brackets with clips to clip on CPU Coolers. But I purchased a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO  which required it to be screwed into the Motherboard. So I needed to remove the original brackets used to clip on the CPU Coolers and install a metal back plate in which I used to screw in the new Cooler Master CPU Cooler.

 Open a Support ticket with the Manufacturer of the Motherboard and find out if they can send you new brackets after explaining what happened.


Yes, I had an afterthought and figure out that that is the case it's a backplate for the Wraith but there is a wire attached to it so naturally I thought it's a temp sensor wire, I wrote to the builder and hope to hear from him sometime in the future not likely anytime soon since it's the holidays. I think I'm just going to go ahead and upgrade from Micro ATX to a actual gaming board I've been looking at some on Amazon and I have it narrowed down to 3, 

Biostar  TB350-BTC,  MSI ProSeries AMD A320, GIGABYTE B450M DS3H, thinking of going with the Gigabyte, any suggestions? Am I to understand that whatever AM4 board I get I will still have to mount the Cooler with the supplied clips on the bracket? Sorry for the font size change all I did was cut and paste and couldn't change it back


LoL, that has happened to me also. Generally I just delete the wrong font size text and paste it again or highlight it and try to edit it in the post. No big deal.


If those are the choices that you are interested in, Obviously I would go for the Gigabyte B450M board. It is a better Motherboard than the 300 Series motherboards. Plus it compatible with the 3rd Generation Processors. It is a inexpensive Motherboard but does have many features to it.

Here is a list of all compatible CPU Processors from Gigabyte Support: B450M DS3H (rev. 1.0) | Motherboard - GIGABYTE U.S.A.  Including the correct BIOS/UEFI version needed to be installed on the motherboard to support each CPU on the list.

Depending on what type of CPU you are planning on installing, here is the Motherboard's QVL RAM MEMORY Lists: B450M DS3H (rev. 1.0) | Motherboard - GIGABYTE U.S.A. (This is so that you will not have incompatible issues with RAM and the CPU and Motherboard since all in the lists have been tested by Gigabytes to work 100%)

Just a suggestion but make sure you have a high quality PSU of at least 850 Watts. In case you want to add more powerful hardware in the future.

You can ask the question about the CPU Cooler installation by opening a Gigabyte Support ticket and asking their opinion.

NOTE: The B450M is also a Micro ATX motherboard. Not much room to add much hardware to it.

Here is an article listing the Best gaming Motherboards for AMD & INTEL: (Just one Tech website opinion).

It has AMD High End, Mid-range, and Budget Gaming 500 Series Motherboards.

The High End Motherboard and price 500 Series: over $600.00 skip that unless your wealthy.

The Mid-Range Motherboard and Price 500 series: Asus for 380.00 again skip that unless you can afford it.

The Budget Motherboard and Price 400 Series: MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max  $100.00.

I believe for $50.00 more you have a full size ATX Motherboard with more than 3 PCIe slots and more SATA connections. It is the similar to the B450M but not Micro ATX with more room to install far more Hardware in the future. But depends on your budget.

Here are the Specs for that motherboard: Specification for B450 GAMING PLUS MAX | Motherboard - The world leader in motherboard design | MSI ... .

MSI Motherboard Support: Specification for B450 GAMING PLUS MAX | Motherboard - The world leader in motherboard design | MSI ... 

It seems to come with Clip On brackets:

Anyways, If you don't want to spend the extra $50.00, then I would go for the Gigabyte MicroATX B450M Motherboard.


Sorry I wasn't able to get back to you sooner, so I just realized that those are all Micro ATX boards, I don't want to get another Micro ATX, but I have a low budget unfortunately, as for PSU I now have a Seasonic 650 PSU I think it is, there is a BIOSTAR full size ATX in my budget, but I doubt I'm going to find a budget board like this one that has crossfire capability, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do I appreciate all the info, Happy Holidays.


A 650 Watt is sufficient for most modern GPU cards so you should have little or no issues concerning power. Seasonic is a very good PSU Manufacturer.  

Keep looking, especially during Christmas with many post Christmas sales happening. You might find one you can afford and is full ATX Motherboard.

The 300 Series are probably cheaper than the 400 series but uses a slightly older technology than the 400 series motherboards. Plus many of the 300 Series motherboards can support 3rd generation Ryzen processors as long the motherboard has the correct version of BIOS/UEFI to install.

Or you could get a much more expensive Motherboard for a much cheaper price if you purchase a Refurbished Model motherboard like in Ebay or Newegg or even in Amazon Marketplace. But if you decide to go this route make sure it has at least a 6 month warranty and you purchase from a reputable retailer.

You also have a Happy Christmas/Hannaukah or Holidays and New Years.

Take care,



Thanks for the well wishes, Yes I'm told that Seasonic is a reliable, durable PSU, I'll have to check that PC bargains sub reddit name escapes me ATM I may have to opt for 300 series with my budget, my Ryzen 1700 shouldn't have any problems it's if I upgrade in the future is where I might run into a snag with BIOS. I would love to get a more expensive board but it's not in my budget, I made a Bday Stream Wish list since I might do a Bday stream, shameless plug, it's on the 17th and added your recommendations, I know it's wishing but hey what's the harm maybe some kind soul will grant me the wish never know. Anyhow thanks again for the help.

Seasonic are OK, I use Corsair which offer high end power supplies.

I use the HX1000i which can power anything out there easily.


Well TBH I didn't do my own build this time so I went with what the builder had on hand, I'll probably upgrade it in the future.


cptluckystar wrote:

Well TBH I didn't do my own build this time so I went with what the builder had on hand, I'll probably upgrade it in the future.

hopefully the PSU is adequate


By your AMD Log in name CPT LUCKYSTAR,  you sound like you are a former Veteran.

If this is true you can join this Veteran's website that is able to give you Discounts at many major companies including Lenovo, Dell, and Apple: 

This site shows you where you can get a free computer for Veterans: Tech4Troops – Tech4Troops .

But if you are not a US Veteran than you can skip all of the above.


No that's just a brand for streaming and content creation, sorry I didn't reply sooner forgot about the post. Thanks for trying.


MSI is pretty affordable too