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Journeyman III

Instability with 5900x/Asus x570i/Ram (Featuring WHEA 18/19 warnings/errors and forced restarts)

Been having some issues with stability on my new system. x570i running 2816 right now.

When running just DOCP 3600C16, I would get random restarts every ~24 hours or so. I read someone suggest to manually enter values, so I tried a few memory setups. I had been running 3800C16 previously, but went back to DOCP because I figured the restarts were just due to a weird overclock (even though I'll past Testmem5/Windows Memory Diagnostic).

So tonight I went back to 3800C16 16-18-18-18-36. I am able to pass memory tests fine. But I am getting loads of WHEA 19 warnings (No restarts yet, but it's only been a few hours now).

I am running

1.45v DRAM

1.1 SOC

1.05v VDDG CCD

1.05v VDDG IOD

.95v cLDO VDDP

43.6 procODT

If I disable DOCP then the WHEA errors go away, but I don't think the errors themselves are due to a poor overclock since the tests pass.

My belief is that it's either

a) Weird asus bios stuff - Running 2816 atm. I'm tempted to see if 3001 works, but I've read so much mixed stuff. The x570i doesn't have a flashback feature (as far as I know?) and I've read it's bricked a few peoples mobos so I'm hesitant to try a BIOS update right now

b) Issues with voltages/procODT (too much/too little idk).

c) Zen 3/5900x having issues atm.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Adept II

If your ram is passing
But you are getting WHEA bus errors like I was
Try vddp vddg 1000
I get bus errors below 1000 vddp
I know most people run it at like 900 or 950 but I can't

and more soc voltage you are well within stock I set 1.15 and get 1.131, I can set it one notch lower fine, but two notches lower and I crash
also LLC medium helps for me but I dont have the same mobo as you so ymmv