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Adept III

I will not buy AMD products if there is no Zen 3 support on B450 motherboards


I recently bought a Ryzen 5 3600 and a B450 TOMAHAWK MAX,

You are screwing us your customers!,If the decision is not reversed i will not buy AMD products,never again!

I have been a long time customer,bought many AMD graphics cards and CPUs,this is how you repay me?!

If i have known i would just wait and buy from the competition!

X570 boards are expensive,and B550 doesn't exist in the market,so in fact you are screwing current gen budget boards owners!

In 2011 i bought a HD 6750 1GB GDDR5 = $150

In 2015 i bought a R9 380 and a FX 8320E + a 970 motherboard = $420

In 2020 i bought a Ryzen 5 3600 and a B450 TOMAHAWK MAX = $320

In a decade i spent $890 on AMD products!,If you don't reverse the decision you will not get my money ever again!

Your deceptive marketing about product support is outrageous!

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I can see your frustration but some Users have spent more than what you spent in 10 years on one Ryzen CPU.

Besides the B550 will be coming out in the near future. So you wouldn't need to break your limited budget to purchase one.

By the way, by the time your new Ryzen and motherboard needs changing in the future since you bought it this year, I wouldn't worry about it whether your current motherboard won't support Zen 3 processors. Unless you automatically upgrade your computer every 2 or 3 years.


The whole concept of "It won't matter in the future" is wrong,

If AMD will support Zen 3 then in the future instead of buying new CPU+Motherboard i would be able to buy a good Zen 3 CPU for cheap without upgrading my perfectly fine motherboard.




What???  $30-50 USD was too hard to save to get something that is current generation?  Please, you got to be kidding me!  I just recently upgraded (from an 8 year old system!) and it never crossed my mind to get anything but current generation...  Plenty of very good budget X570 boards from ASUS, Gigabyte, ASRock and now the new MSI Tomahawk (steer clear of budget MSI X570, very poor VRM's).


I am not made of money you know...

I can use the $30 to buy food,and besides what's wrong with the board i bought?


Then buy food and not a PC or parts.


Why so toxic and disrespectful?


"Why so toxic and disrespectful?"

LOL Really,your complaining about $30 being the difference between feeding yourself and a computer part,That tells me your priorities are in the wrong order,so how does that make me "toxic and disrespectful?


$890 is about how I spend quarterly on hardware for the studio


You do that from the money of the company and not your own,That's a big difference.


hybrid wrote:

You do that from the money of the company and not your own,That's a big difference.

I buy the hardware from my own income and earnings

Adept II

So you'd rather go with Intel where they make new sockets for the same old CPU? LUL

My man AMD already kept their promise of having AM4 compatible up until 2020. And now it's 2020. It's not their fault MOBO manufacturers didn't trust the potential for Ryzen and cheaped out on their boards.

You should know it's extremely difficult to keep updated performance on the same socket and chipset especially on high performance semiconductors such as desktop computers.