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I RMA'd a Ryzen 2600x it passed inspection and has been almost 7 months with no new CPU shipped

In October last year I RMA'd a defective Ryzen 2600x processor. To this day I have not gotten a new one sent out yet. The last email I got from AMD was that they received my CPU and it passed inspection and to await an email with tracking information of the new CPU being sent. I never got that email and its now May of the next year, almost 7 months later.

I did not know where else to go with this, I have the RMA number and product information but I do not know who to contact about this.

Not only did I have to pay money to replace the faulty CPU but had to pay additional money to send it back for nothing in exchange.

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Big Boss

This is a User forum.  I suggest you open an AMD Online Support Ticket.  Good luck and enjoy, John.


I would open another AMD WARRANTY REQUEST form with the last Warranty Ticket number and other pertinent data in the "Problem Description" Box to let them know you never received your new CPU replacement.

Open a AMD Warranty Request from here again : AMD Warranty Request Form | AMD