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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

I need my Ryzen to get fixed / RMA as soon as possible please

I have been dealing with issues with my ryzen 1600 for the past couple of months, it started becoming unstable after even 30 min of simple video editing and crashes. Also, my processor when purchased new was able to reach 3.6 ghz no issue, but now recently it is not even able to reach 3.4 ghz easily, it stucks at 3.34ghz and when i try to manually input 3.6ghz through ryzen master or bios, it works for 5 mins then crash. I have checked the temps and all and its all under 50-60°

I am a CA/ Mcom student and i need my PC to study for coming exams and because of the issues i i removed my cpu for RMA to copy the serial and part number, i cannot use my PC and i really need to study from the mcqs on website (website is not supported by android or iphone even in desktop mode). I have emailed Amd my ticket is ticketno:[8200940118] I heard AMD typically replies in 1 day but since its its  2 days i havent received an email so thought writing on this community would be the best

Any admins or AMD representative reading this, i request you to please reply to me about the status and please if its possible, Can get my ryzen 1600 fixed fast

Thanking you


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