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I may take up Drinking... (AMD APU 2400G reviewers)

Oh My goodness. I can not stand these guys. I suggested,even recommended this. Tell the reviewers to show some test with the new hardware showing how to upgrade the APU an show its performance. This is for people who have an APU an cant afford a graphics card due to the high prices. What do these guys do?

     With the exception of JaysTwoCents The show NO information on how performance increased with setting the GFX Clock Frequency overlay changing it from 660MHz or whatever its base at to 1200MHz or 1500MHz.Which should show Amazing performance that equal to around a GTX 1030 or GTX 1050's performance level. But NOPE!

They instead just ignored it an just ran it at based clock an what really....really makes me sick an disgusted. Is that no one want to see the games Cinebench on these processors or base test for file compression! THIS IS FOR GAMING! People want to see if they can get 60fps in game! No! NO! They instead show ultra settings or some garbage like that! Showing frame rates of 13 and 20fps! OH! OH! WAY TO GO! Show the worst resul.....

OK Really really angry right now. So many customers are looking for a way to get their kids a decent computer an even see games on their PC and video like the 2018 Olympics. An they are not showing performance of the GPU in the processors. This is so frustrating. I am gonna go lay down now. Think i may start drinking.

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I`ll make it clearer. I work with low end Desktop computers. I made a suggestion to AMD to get people to use APUs more. Because i helped in their creation. The purpose is to use more GPUs to give a stable an higher resolution an performance for Gaming an graphics purposes.

This would make it easier to get higher performance on consoles as well. Well we are in a new year. An problems are around Graphics cards. Well We have APUs. So if we push APUs on customers we can get sales for AMD right? Well in order to do that users need to know that safeguards are in place on APUs.

         Safeguards like Base settings. The Base Setting ( Depending on the motherboard) are set for the Internal Graphics to be at 660MHz. or 512MHz. A very low number. Most customers would only get 30fps at 1080p in most games from 2010 to 2018. Well Turning up to a Solid 1000MHz like a standard graphics card could land you 45 to 60fps in Games.

So it's highly recommended to turn up the GFX Clock Frequency in the BIOS to higher settings.Only one reviewer said something an that was Jaystwocents. An he intentionally botched it. An i know he did. I have never had a problem turning up frequency. Oh i said GPX ill fix that. So no one knows how to do this other than the ones on Jays channel. There are few an i mean few people who can afford a $400.00 graphics card. An this is a great opportunity to sell.

   An these guys just blow it off as if it where nothing. I would call it an advertisement for AMD products but its more than that. Customers need info on this. I don't have a 2400G APU or a motherboard or ram. An at the current price i wont. But if i did i would show people how to get great performance at a realistic price.

Wait there is also this guy. He did a proper review.Ryzen 5 2400g Max Overclock/Performance Review - YouTube


I still don't see what you're on about...


I am trying to get them to do what they where suppose to do. Talk about the APU graphics. I am now posting on all their channels this.

In the BIOS what is the best GFX Clock Frequency setting please?

We wlll see if they read it an think about improving performance an not making me so angry for not informing the public an generally lying about the APU. Just saying we can overclock the CPU and Ram is not what people bought the APU.


You can yell about clocks all you want, you're not going to get around the small shader counts and slow DDR4 memory (compared to GDDR5 and HBM), there's not 1920x1080 60fps performance to be had in these APUs in the more demanding (relatively speaking) games, Techspot has shown it, not even if you overclock the guts out of them. These are cheap, low end chips with off board DDR memory and 512 or 704 shaders, these chips are NOT the AMD powered Intel Core i7-8705G with on board HBM and 1200 shaders which is capable of 1920x1080 30fps high detail gaming, these are 1280x720 60fps chips. Period. Full stop.

I am gonna have to disagree with you on that. These chips can do 1080p quite well at 60fps on demanding games. But what is a demanding game? Was Fallout 4? That wasn't a demanding game. It was optimized by Nvidia. An you know how they destroy programs to overwrite them an then get a binding contract to prevent tampering.

    So how about PUBG? No. That is not well optimized. An that's the problem. Many games are not optimized. When you make a game you make it for all customers of all types.Ram compression an decompression actively can make a big difference in gaming but its not the only method of gaming.

Most programs just need cleaning an scripts removed an smoothed out. Like Skyrim to Skyrim Special Edition.An if you say main stream.Well what is main stream? The most played right? Or is it the most fun. So that could mean anything.The fact is. Its the game that runs well an people enjoy. So lets cover the other subject. You are talking about this. I may take up Drinking... (AMD APU 2400G reviewers)

OK lets be clear. They do not talk about Minimization of the GPU in the GFX Clock Frequency. Which i found only 2 people talk about. See this is the determination of performance. What you saw where people overclocking the CPU part of the processor. Here is the thing. Who buys an APU for the CPU properties about them? People don't buy APUs for the CPU they buy them for the GPU properties.

People wants to use the APU for backups when they have a graphics card down. An no backup. They need that extra support. Not only that but it would make a great console gaming system. So its usefulness is more important than most would think. Like i said. These scrubs doing reviews only covered the CPU aspect of the APU. Which is ...... i want to call it dumb. but its worse than that. Its cripplingly dumb.

          The APU was created for the graphics. that's all that should matter. Its just a bonus that it runs programs smoothly. No stutters lag or any other issues. A perfect example of performance should be its ability to run high end games at medium settings at 30 to 60fps. An it can do that.The problem is you have to set the processor to work on a low settings to make sure it starts up.

That includes the GPU. That is by default set to low. So all these videos an reviews are from people who never touched the GFX Clock Frequency with the exclusion of the ones i previously mentioned. Everyone else puts up a bad advertisement of the product.

Giving low scores in graphical performance an saying its a bad chip. The reason they say this is because they have (Mind you speculating here) have used Intel for so long with no options to fix graphics.They can massively boost performance by turning up the clock speed. That's is my point. Need more FPS turn up the GFX Clock frequency. My guess is you have never heard of this either. Well most people don't. Because for what you could call product reviewers.They almost never do a full review. They say they do. But they don't.


Thank you. Like i said JayzTwoCents was the only one who actually did any kind of a review. This guy does a great job. He explained why.Yeah I can understand some of it.But we want to know what is also possible. But he at least put up the effort an explained why he didn't want to get everyone`s hopes up. Understandable. Thanks again.

I'll make it more clear. I work with low end Personal computers. I made an idea to AMD to get individuals to utilize APUs more. Since I helped in their creation. The intention is to utilize more GPUs to give a stable a higher goal an exhibition for Gaming a designs purposes.

This would make it more straightforward to get better execution on consoles too. Well we are in another year. An issues are around Designs cards. Well We have APUs. So in the event that we push APUs on clients we can get deals for AMD right? Well to do that clients need to realize that protections are set up on APUs.

Shields like Base settings. The Base Setting ( Contingent upon the motherboard) are set for the Inside Designs to be at 660MHz. or then again 512MHz. An extremely low number. Most clients would just get 30fps at 1080p in many games from 2010 to 2018. Well Going up to a Strong 1000MHz like a standard illustrations card could land you 45 to 60fps in Games.

So it's enthusiastically prescribed to turn up the GFX Clock Recurrence in the Profiles to higher settings.Only one commentator offered something a that was Jaystwocents. A he deliberately messed up it. An I realize he did. I have never had an issue turning up recurrence. Goodness I said GPX sick fix that. So nobody knows how to do this other than the ones on Jays channel. There are not many an I me