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Journeyman III

I have had two Ryzen 5 2600x cpus die

One lasted 3 weeks and the second lasted 1 week.

My build

ryzen 5 2600x

tomahawk b450 mother board

2x 8g Corsair vengeance 3200 ddr4 ram

msi GeForce 1660 ti gpu 

480 sansdisk ssd 

1T hdd 

corsair cx550m psu 550watts

So I bought two identical sets of parts and built one pc for my wife (hers is still working fine) and one for me.

my computer lasted 2-3 weeks and then powered off while I was taking out the trash one day. I could not get it to power on again.

I tried all possibilities until I got down to motherboard or cpu. I RMA’ed the motherboard and still no power.

Then 3 hours later the computer powered itself on. It would not post and the cpu EZ debug light was on on the mother board. When my computer went back to a no power situation I tried taking the cpu out and it fired right up every time. So I RMAed the cpu.

Installed the new cpu and my pc ran great for a week and now it has died again. 

Also cpu never got over 83c during tests. Please advise!!

I am at a total loss here. Is my PC killing CPU’s or did I just get another faulty one?

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