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Journeyman III

I have a redundant AMP360SGR22GM Athlon II

There are other processors that I’m looking at and have the same numbers BUT that’s where it finishes.For example; 

The following are the details are on mine;

  • AMP360SGR22GM;
  • NAEKC AE 1107MPA;
  • 9P54461B10791;

There is another processor that I have found and it has these details;

  • AMP360SGR22GM;
  • NAEKC AE 1126GPM;
  • 9R92331G10270;

Now as you can see there are variations;

The question is as follows;

Do I only need the  “AMP360SGR22GM ” number and are the rest just serial numbers ?

Or is there more to this than meet the eye.;

I look forward to your comments;


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Adept III

Re: I have a redundant AMP360SGR22GM Athlon II

That's the part number of the Athlon II P360 which you can use but it's better to get the faster Athlon II N350 or N370 dual cores. Better still are the 3-core Phenom II N850 & N870. Better still are the 4-core Phenom II X920 & 940 or Phenom II N970. They all use socket S1G4 and were built before or on the same date as your processor so no BIOS upgrades are needed.

Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut is a very good paste. Cover the whole CPU with it.

Journeyman III

Re: I have a redundant AMP360SGR22GM Athlon II

Hi there

Many thanks for your input.

A nice badge is on it's way to you, be careful with the pin

Something that I should have mentioned when I started this thread is that this chip is going into an H.P Pavilion G6 or to be more precise the motherboard is a "DAOR22MB6DO REV: D R22

Looking at the specs of these various chips that you very kindly supplied me with, I think that I will only be able to install one of the "3 core variables", but I stand to be corrected.

In terms of paste I will be using "HY 510" the same as I use for brushing my teeth NOT



Re: I have a redundant AMP360SGR22GM Athlon II

I noticed that you also posted at Tom's Hardware about updating your Laptop Processor: Question - Will the Athlon 3-core Phenom II N850 work on my DAOR22MB6DO REV: D R22 | Tom's Hardware ... 

From CPU World about upgrading your Laptop processor for the type of socket you have:

I would go to your laptop manufacturer Support site and see what processors your laptop will support when upgrading and see if you need a BIOS update to support it. Plus I would upgrade all your laptop drivers to the latest version from the same support site.

Your current Laptop processor has a TDP of 25 watts while the one you ordered, if the link above is you, has a TDP of 35 Watts. So your laptop will run a little bit hotter under load.

NOTE : This website seems to have various BIOS updates for your particular Laptop Motherboard: 

CAUTION: Do not know how reliable this information is nor if the BIOS will work in your laptop. Use on your own risk. Best to get it from your Laptop's Manufacturer Support site.

Journeyman III

Re: I have a redundant AMP360SGR22GM Athlon II

Yes you are correct I did start a thread on Tom's hardware etc.

But to update everybody.

The "AMD Phenom II X3 N850 2.2 GHz HMN850DCR32GM 3600 MHz CPU Processor" is on it's way from China estimated arrival 4 - 13 September

The "2HP laptop 638856-001 G6 motherboard,100% Tested 60 days warranty" is also coming from China different supplier estimated arrival 19 October.

I will repost with an update.