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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

I have a FX-8350 that is running hot while idle....

With turbo enable, the temperature rises to 45-48C; if I disable turbo, it starts out at about 37-38C and rises to 41-43C in about 3 minutes or little less.  When I reset the system, it comes back on with a temperature of 50-52C. During the entire time the system is on, it smells like something is extremely over heating or possible burning. I've inspected the mother board and have found no signs of burning. All of this is while the system is idle, I haven't installed the OS yet, I wanted to resolve the issue first and I would like to be able to enable Turbo and leave it on without worrying if I might burn out the processor. I'm using a MSI 970A Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard; everything is new, i.e., it's a new build.

Note: I have built several systems with AMD processors and this is the first time I've ran into this type of over heating problem. I've re-seated the cooler (using stock cooler) with no difference.

I purchased a GAMMAXX 400 heat sink and was wondering if it might provide better cooling or would I be better switching to water cooled? Also, is the issue with the temp. spike on reset "normal"???

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