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Journeyman III

I don't feel i am getting the most out of my CPU

I have just moved from an i5 7600k to a ryzen 2600x so i could play games and stream in a better quality but i seem to be getting low fps regardless of if i am streaming or not. In games such as PUBG i am only getting between 80 and 110 fps in very low settings which is alot less than what i was getting on my old cpu.

My set up is

GTX Msi 1070 Amor OC edition


Corsair Value 16GB 2133MHz DDR4 Memory

Also my voltage seems to sit at 1.4 when i am playing regardless of what game i play and my speed never seems to boost to the 4.2 turbo boost. I have not overclocked and have not really messed with any settings since installing it. In an ideal world i would love to stream and play games using this cpu but its a struggle to just play some games let alone stream aswell. At idlel my cpu voltage moves between 0.9 and 1.4 (viewing in ryzen master).

Can anyone help me out at all? i choose this cpu after alot of research and this seemed to have ticked all the boxes but i am currently a little disappointed. Any help would be appreciated.

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Big Boss

ezy86, please post a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM) playing a game. We need more information on your specifications - power supply, OS, BIOS, Power Plan. Be sure you DLed your AMD drivers from the AMD Driver Download Site. Enjoy, John.


Ryzen Master.png

Sorry for the late reply i have been at work all day.

OS - Windows 10

Bios - What do you mean by that?

Power Plan - AMD Ryzen Balanced but have used windows balanced plan aswell with no real difference.

Power Supply - 500w EVGA Power Supply White rated.

when i go to the drivers page on the amd site it only give me a download for Ryzen Master.

Hope this all helps


Thats when playing PUBG. 1080p but on very low settings.


ezy86, link to AMD Driver Download Site.  Here are your specifications:


I guess you are running in Game mode.  I would suggest you experiment with not Game mode and Precision Boost Overdrive.  RM says 4100 MHz clock - 4200 is only about 2% away.  I am asking for BIOS version.  Make sure you are running the latest from your MB vendor.  Unless you are hanging or crashing, this is probably not a problem, but 500 Watt supply is too small.  Enjoy, John.


500W is a tad weak for gaming, I use 850W power supplies so I can ignore power pig cards