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Adept III
Adept III

I applied the lastest BIOS (Agesa 1003ABB) and AMD Chipset drivers and ....

Hi, I applied the lastest BIOS (Agesa 1003ABB) and AMD Chipset drivers, the only change Ive seen was a bit lower vcore and frecuency on idle (but not as good as you would expect). I also discover some more issues:

1. While scrolling up and down (holding right-click on the bar) really fast on a long PDF file, my Ryzen 3600 frecuency and voltage goes up really high and temperature can get to 65° C. I tried the same on my work PC (A8-9600) and the APU doesn't even blink.

2. While playing something like BF5 (I own an EVGA RTX 2070 Black) I hear a strange noise coming from the PCI-E slot (is not coil wining, doesn't sound the same and I also tried my old GPU, GTX 1060 6GB and it does the same noise), wonder if maybe the mobo is bad.

3. I noticed that even if I set the my case fans (I have 3 of them) to max speed on BIOS, only one of them Its getting to 1200rpms, the other 2 don't.

Im getting really frustrated, I didn't have any of this issues on my old Intel board and my old core i5 (even when paired with the RTX 2070).

I wanted to return to AMD but the overall experience is not looking that good soo far.

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