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Journeyman III

Huge FPS drop in valorant

So, the timeline was I bought a 5600x for mainly Valorant which from what I understand is mainly CPU and according to a dev post Core Clock is the biggest limiting factor. At first it was working fine, pushing 500 fps just looking at a wall. I installed Ryzen master and tried a OC that was too ambitious and it would crash everytime it opened from the test feature. The only way I could stop it was by uninstalling it before the test and reinstalling it and resetting it. Afterwards Valorant ran horribly, struggling to get 200 frames just looking at a wall. Refreshing windows worked for about 36 hours until it started struggling again with none of my own intervention. So I thought it was a CPU issue so I bought a 5800x and it was having the same issue fresh out the box. Maxing out at about 200 frames, Thanks you in advance! Not sure how to attach images on here, but if anyone wants to add me on discord so I can send attachments, I can be added at solar#2046, thank you for the help!