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Adept I

HSA and ffmpeg this needs more focus!

I was trying to read up on the possibility of HSA being used in something like Plex for transcoding, currently if you want to transcode 1080p content they recommend a Desktop CPU, if you want to transcode 4K they recommend a high-end Desktop/Workstation CPU because it's appearently quite intense work for a CPU, and from what I can read HSA is an ideal solution for this, however, when searching HSA and ffmpeg(That powers Plex's transcoding) I found this:

Really I find it troubling this inability to commit to anything, I'm a huge AMD fan I've used their products exclusively whenever I could, but I'm no software developer, so I sort of have to take this guy at his word, and I don't sense an anti-AMD bias but rather I sense frustration from what this person writes. When was the last time you heard anyone say "AMD is the only choice for this task" Imagine if having a Plex Media server was a guarantee you had an AMD processor doing that work for you, because anything else wouldn't be as good, AMD is in that position if they offered the support, HSA afaik wouldn't work on any Intel product close to how it works on an AMD product, no one would be able to match AMD for atleast a year, and it would be to AMD everyone would have to go in order to do something remotely similar.

Sure the Plex Home server people out there is a small niche, this wouldn't be an AMD golden ticket, but it would be something, it would be a start, and hopefully it would make HSA incredibly desirable, currently know one really knows much about it, and they should.