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Adept I

How to undervolt AMD A8-7410 APU

I've tried installing OverDrive & ThrottleStop, both don't support my APU. I don't know about any other tool and my bios don't have an option to change voltage either. AMD A8 series throttle a lot, especially when working on software like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects. I wanted to undervolt my APU to achieve decent temperatures so that I can work without my APU getting the thermal throttle.

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Re: How to undervolt AMD A8-7410 APU

Most laptops are not meant to be overclocked or undervolted. 

And the programs you are trying to run are to much for them to handle that is why you get overheating.

Look on the Adobe website for the system requirements and you will see that it requires a separate GPU to handle the video processing.

Photoshop system requirements  

Adept I

Re: How to undervolt AMD A8-7410 APU

OK, I'll be honest with you, I've been using Adobe products for so long.

You don't necessarily need GPU for this, integrated is enough, yaa it lags

sometimes but does work and doesn't heat, especially when it's Intel based

system. I've never faced overheating issues on Intel based laptops or

desktops. And I know the "recommended" system requirements for Adobe

products to run, look at Lenovo Ideapad 110 system specs, I should be able

to use Adobe software. TBH, if this laptop had Intel CPU, there would be no

problem. AMD sucks in single core performance anyways.