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Journeyman III

How to minimize Ryzen 9 3900X power consumption during nightly jobs

I have a series on nightly jobs running on a Ryzen 9 3900X. These jobs have very low CPU demands, they ping several URLs at intervals of one minute and download a few kilobytes. I would like to set the computer to minimum consumption during this time. I got AMD Ryzen Master which allows to set the clock maximum speed as low as 650Mhz although the voltage is still set at 1.36875.

My question is, will lowering the voltage reduce power consumption even further? And if so, how much is it safe to lower the voltage for a clock speed under 1Ghz?

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Power equation stands.

Volt X Amp = Watt

Undervolt the CPU by offset or if you did locked it at that frequency, you can manually adjust to even lower, but it can be more hard to play ball in the stability side of things.

Heres how to:

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